Commissioner Bush knows that seeing is believing in government, and the people deserve to see what their government is doing.


Commissioner Bush promoted open government principles to Director status at the GLO. While some politicians build barriers between themselves and citizens, Commissioner Bush took the lead in government openness. For the first time in its storied history, the GLO has a Director of Open Government. This director responds promptly to all requests for information from the GLO under the Texas Public Information Act, letting citizens and the news media know what their government is doing, and why.


Commissioner Bush improved GLO contracting processes, eliminating no-bid contracts wherever possible. Government must operate transparently, openly and fairly. No-bid contracts introduce the appearance of impropriety and could mean government is paying more than it should for goods and services to serve the people. Immediately upon taking office, Commissioner Bush gave the directive to go above and beyond the law and solicit bids even when it is not legally required.


Commissioner Bush established the Office of Compliance and Ethics to directly report to him and senior agency management on all compliance matters that touch on GLO operations. Commissioner Bush recognized that a robust monitoring and ethics program is an essential component of ensuring that appropriate ethical practices are being followed throughout all divisions at GLO.


Commissioner Bush ordered the launch of the HUB Reporting Project. Commissioner Bush thinks doing business with veteran-, woman- and minority-owned businesses makes good sense. Accordingly, he directed several departments in the GLO to collaborate on a project to improve the Historically Underutilized Businesses Program at the agency. This effort is expected to produce improved alignment with state regulations by revamping the business processes and technology systems that drive HUB purchasing at the GLO.


Commissioner Bush created the Coastal Resiliency and Recovery Program. Commissioner Bush believes in shrinking government’s authority, its reach into our lives and its footprint in our economy. He has already made the agency leaner by merging two divisions. By combining the GLO's Coastal Resources and Disaster Recovery divisions, the agency is better able to plan ahead before a storm hits and recover more quickly afterward. Working closely with the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Division, the Coastal Resiliency and Recovery Program is making the GLO's coastal defense efforts better than ever.


Commissioner Bush approved and led a multi-agency, state and federal effort to rebuild the southeast Texas coast. This effort to protect High Island's McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge will prevent saltwater intrusion into sensitive estuarial systems, preserving the natural habitat, benefitting hunting and fishing, and helping to ensure the Intracoastal Waterway remains unimpeded for commercial and recreational use.