Commissioner Bush took action to ensure future generations will remember the Alamo and learn what it has to teach us about courage and the price of freedom. The commissioner's bold, decisive steps to reconstitute the management of the Alamo and confront well-documented challenges facing the iconic shrine were widely heralded, both in San Antonio and at the state's Capitol. It’s safe to say the first 100 days of the Bush Administration were some of the most important in the history of the management and long-term viability of the Alamo.


Reconstituted the Alamo Endowment Board with A-list Texas titans. Texas visionaries Ramona Bass, Jim Dannenbaum, Red McCombs, Lew Moorman, Gene Powell and Welcome Wilson Jr. joined Commissioner Bush to bring new expertise, purpose and vision to the Alamo.


Commissioner Bush launched a massive fundraising effort through the Alamo Endowment. Commissioner Bush challenged the Alamo Endowment to raise $5 million by the end of this fiscal year to address pressing preservation needs.


Commissioner Bush is bringing professional management to the Alamo. Commissioner Bush took responsibility for management of daily operations at the Alamo, with a vision to bring a new focus on preserving the Shrine of Texas Liberty and tell the story of the men who died there in 1836. Their final stand still inspires visitors from across our state, the nation, and the world to visit the Alamo, where men chose to die free rather than live in oppression. We must work to ensure that what visitors find there honors that sacrifice.


Commissioner Bush and the GLO have joined forces with the City of San Antonio. For the first time ever the state and the city of San Antonio have signed a memorandum of understanding to work collaboratively to hammer out a vision for the Alamo Plaza Historic District and the Alamo Complex. Together we will create a strategic vision and work toward our common goal of restoring the Shrine of Texas Liberty to a site worthy of its noble roots.