With 367 miles of Gulf beaches and more than 3,300 miles of bays and estuaries, Texas has one of the longest coastlines in the country and the General Land Office is responsible for preserving and protecting that coast. Commissioner Bush is making sure we do more than ever before to build a brighter future for the coast and honor this shared heritage.

Rebuilding Galveston’s beach

Commissioner Bush approved a program to begin renourishing the beach along the Galveston seawall for the first time ever this past August. This is an ongoing project to nourish the beach between 61st and 81st streets, with bids being solicited for the project to also nourish the seawall from 61st to 12th street. By partnering with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Galveston Park Board on the project between 61st and 81st streets, the GLO saved Texas Taxpayers more than sixty percent on the project. In the near future the GLO will also begin beach nourishment projects in unison with the Corps and local leaders on South Padre Island and Bolivar Peninsula.

Doing away with derelict vessels

Commissioner Bush partnered with Texas Parks and Wildlife and Galveston County to develop a plan to address the persistent issue of vessels being abandoned in the county. For years abandoned and broken down vessels have plagued the Texas coast. They pose problems for navigation, public safety, and the environment. Recognizing the risks these vessels present, the first Vessel Turn-in Program was organized. Twenty-five vessels were processed for disposal, which resulted in savings of nearly $100,000.


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