As a former public school teacher, Commissioner Bush knows the Texas of tomorrow is created in the classrooms of today. He also knows the GLO has a tremendous platform to push for education reform through the Permanent School Fund, which it operates. The commissioner has already used his influence to call for school reform, including school choice. At a rally for school choice on the steps of the State Capitol just days after being sworn in as Commissioner, he said “when we give parents a choice, we give students a chance.”

Reaching future Texas leaders online

Commissioner Bush taught two Texas history classes, which were streamed online on YouTube Live. Commissioner Bush invited students from Texas schools to learn about “Pioneering Principles: Why Character Matters” and “Opportunity in Texas: Land and Its Legacy in Texas History.” Using documents found in the GLO archives, the lessons covered what the Mexican government required of Austin’s colonial settlers and how those expectations might apply today, and how substantial land grants influenced settlers to undertake a long and perilous journey and move to Texas during the early 1800s, respectively.

Providing tools for Texas teachers

Commissioner Bush approved the development and launch of a new GLO education website, providing tools for Texas teachers on subjects ranging from pollution control to Texas history. The Permanent School Fund, fueled by the oil and natural gas under Texas public lands, covers the cost of textbooks for every public school student in Texas. The GLO’s Archives and Records Division preserves documents dating back to the Spanish Empire, the Republic years, and statehood. From beautiful, historic maps drawn by Texas’ founding fathers to land grants and scrips memorialized in literature, the GLO is Texas – its history, its natural richness, and its future. The GLO’s new education website provides teachers and students with lesson plans and information about key events and personalities. It’s even keyed to Texas’ TEKS education standards.

Championing increased funding for Charter Schools

Commissioner Bush used the platform at the General Land Office to champion school reform. Commissioner Bush worked with Texas lawmakers to give public charter schools their fair share of the $38 billion Permanent School Fund’s bond capacity, saving charter schools more than $6.5 million annually without costing the state a dime.

Bringing digital technology to the Alamo

Commissioner Bush initiated a virtual tour of the Alamo. Commissioner Bush wants every Texan to know the story of the men who stood in the face of tyranny and fought for their freedom. In spring 2015, the Alamo began providing Region 4 public schools in Houston with an online virtual tour. Students will not have to leave their desks, more than a hundred miles away, to explore where the Alamo’s defenders made their epic last stand.


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