Government must move at the speed of life. Government must adapt to the times to serve Texans more efficiently. As business increasingly goes online, Commissioner Bush is seeing to it that the GLO’s operations — which make money for Texas schoolchildren — go online as well. He brings his entrepreneurial spirit to Texas’ oldest agency, resulting in rapid technological advancement and improvement across the entire General Land Office.

Leading the way on social media

Commissioner Bush established the first agency-wide social media channels, which allow the GLO to connect with Texans more directly than ever before. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow the GLO cut out the middle man and meet Texans right where they are. And those efforts are paying off; the GLO was named the best state agency on Twitter as measured by Klout, a metric that gauges how often people engage and interact with social media.

Come and beach it

Commissioner Bush launched the Texas Coasts app to make it easier than ever to find your perfect beach through customized search criteria and location-enabled mapping across platforms. Texas Coasts is the first digital access guide to all of Texas’ vast shoreline, reducing publication and updating costs while delivering an app that all Texas beachgoers can use. Texas beaches are one of the state’s great attractions and one of its great economic engines. This app is the digital guide to our state’s coasts, showing visitors from across Texas and the world what our 367 miles of Gulf coast and 3,300 miles of beach and bay shoreline have to offer.

Making field inspections mobile

Commissioner Bush OK’d the creation of a mobile field inspections app. Staff can now gather data in the field using this handy application, eliminating paperwork. Information captured includes GPS points, photos and basic incident reports. The GLO will use the data for tactical and strategic planning.

Upgrading vet homes pharmacy management

Commissioner Bush introduced improved pharmacy management at Texas State Veterans Homes to better serve our veterans. Veterans who live at one of the VLB’s eight Texas State Veterans Homes receive the best care anywhere. The VLB reviews pharmacy invoices each month to detect pharmacy billing errors and operator ordering errors. This process was made more efficient with the development of a patient census template for each home, reducing the time required to scrub this data each month from three days to four hours. In addition, intra-agency paperwork has been simplified, saving paper and an additional four hours each month.

Land Office launches 12 websites in 12 months

Commissioner Bush committed to improving the quality of GLO services agency wide, including all websites. In his first year in office, Commissioner Bush dramatically improved the GLO’s online footprint. Each new website utilizes the latest technology, coding techniques and design to effectively communicate to all Texans. By redesigning nearly all GLO websites, the agency has consolidated redundant pages, made them responsive across all platforms, streamlined information and given each a clean, contemporary, and intuitive look and feel.


Digitizing vet homes invoicing

Commissioner Bush directed that invoices from Texas State Veterans Homes be placed online, saving time and reducing paper consumption by more than 41 reams of paper each month. The GLO reviews and processes approximately 164 operator invoices each month. These invoices include a large volume of data requiring a ream of paper for every four invoices. By making this process entirely electronic, the GLO reduced its paper consumption by 41 reams (4 boxes) of paper each month.

Automating business systems

Commissioner Bush emphasized business systems automation, leading to increased agency efficiency. Information Systems and Disaster Recovery completed the T-RecS Housing Module. This enterprise application is based on an off-the-shelf content management system customized to automate the business processes of the Disaster Recovery Housing Program. Benefits include a dramatic reduction in manual monitoring of grant steps and eliminating the need for 90 percent of change orders. Through an additional project, Information Systems and Disaster Recovery collaborated to automate reporting into the USAS Comptroller Statewide Accounting System. This project will eliminate 90 percent of the manual data entry previously performs by Disaster Recovery staff.

Recognizing outstanding achievement

Commissioner Bush praised the GLO Graphic Information System team for earning a special achievement in GIS at the 2015 ESRI User Conference. The GLO GIS team’s work on projects like Texas Hidden History stood out among more than 100,000 other ESRI users.

Alamo empowered with own site

Commissioner Bush empowered members of the Alamo staff to create and control content on the Alamo website. Commissioner Bush believes in increasing government efficiency and entrusting all agency employees with more responsibility. As part of his team-of-teams approach, Commissioner Bush made sure the people with the most hands-on knowledge of the Alamo are the ones managing its website.


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