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Coastal Impact Assistance Program

CIAP Projects focus on remediating the impact of offshore oil and gas exploration.

The Coastal Impact Assistance Program or CIAP (pronounced “sea-app”) is closed to new applications. Previously awarded projects must be completed and funding spent by December 31, 2016. At this time, additional funding has not been allocated.

In 2007 the U.S. Congress allocated over $109 million in CIAP funds to the State of Texas through U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.  CIAP is funded by the royalties from offshore oil and gas leases in federal waters and supports a total of 93 State projects. 

The diverse nature of projects, ranging from sea turtle conservation to marsh restoration to research, enhance the Texas coastline in the 18 coastal counties from Sabine Pass to the Rio Grande. 

 Notable Accomplishments

  • Protection of 8,536 acres of coastal habitats through land acquisition
  • Removal of 1,226 derelict pilings from Galveston Bay
  • Protection of 19,068 linear feet of shoreline
  • Restoration of 37.6 acres of intertidal marsh and 3,800 linear feet of dunes
  • Utilization of 510,400 cubic yards of sand for shoreline nourishment
  • Plugging of 37 wells to eliminate pollution threats to state waters

CIAP funds must be used in the 18 coastal counties of Texas to support the following projects and activities:

  • Conservation, protection, or restoration of coastal areas, including wetlands
  • Mitigation of damage to fish, wildlife, or natural resources
  • Planning assistance and the administrative costs of complying with this section
  • Implementation of a federally approved marine, coastal, or comprehensive conservation management plan
  • Mitigation of the impact of OCS activities through funding of onshore infrastructure projects and public service needs