Commissioner Bush Maps Texas Energy & History

Launches First Digital Commissioner Map in GLO History

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PRESS RELEASE — Feb 22, 2016

AUSTIN — Today Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush unveiled the Energy Map of Texas, which highlights the 500-year history of energy production across the state. Commissioner Bush’s map includes locations of significant wells, pipelines, and wind farms and traces the history of energy development across the Lone Star State. Bush’s map takes a step into the digital age: It is complimented by the GLO’s first ever digital interactive commissioner map,, which tells the deep and rich story of energy in Texas.

"God has blessed Texas with abundant energy resources, and this map is the first to capture that story and connect it to the great epic of Texas,” Commissioner Bush said. "Having the opportunity to create a new map for the people of Texas and become a part of this great tradition is one of the highest honors of serving as Texas Land Commissioner."

The tradition of creating a signature GLO Commissioner map began more than sixty years ago when Commissioner Bascom Giles developed a commemorative map. Since 1954 each GLO commissioner has taken the opportunity to create their own commemorative map focusing on a theme important to them. The newest addition to this collection, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush's Energy Map of Texas, continues the tradition while delivering a distinct look and feel as well as a digital counterpart. 

Commissioner Bush is both a former history teacher and a former oil and gas man. His map focuses on the energy history of Texas with an interactive web site that explains the importance of the Permanent School Fund, provides greater detail about significant locations and events, allows visitors to explore different facets of energy production including conventional drilling, horizontal drilling, and see the geologic regions of Texas. It also includes a few surprises, such as how even early explorers discovered and used oil centuries before it powered the world economy. The map also shows Texas’ pipeline system and explores the generation of wind energy across the state, a sector in which Texas leads the nation. In each section visitors can zoom in and out to explore the map and the story it tells.

"Energy production is one of the most significant drivers of the Texas economy and affects the lives of all who call the Lone Star State home," Commissioner Bush continued. "As Texas Land Commissioner, I oversee more than 13 million acres of land and mineral rights that benefit the school kids of Texas through the Permanent School Fund. Creating the Texas Energy Map links several vital sectors of the General Land Office - education, asset management and historic conservation. Additionally, sales of the Texas Energy Map and all map reproductions sold by the GLO benefit the Save Texas History program, which is preserving millions of Texas' most significant documents and making them available online for all to enjoy."

Limited edition first-run prints of this map can be purchased online at for $20, with 100% of the proceeds going towards GLO map and document conservation.  For more information about the history of Commissioner Maps, visit the GLO's Map Monday Medium post, "Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush’s Energy Map of Texas Showing Significant Events and Well & Pipeline Locations Between 1543 and 2015."


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