Give A Gift that Saves Texas History

Unique maps reproductions make perfect presents for the Texas history buff in your life

Contact: Karina Erickson Press Secretary Texas General Land Office
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PRESS RELEASE — Nov 27, 2018

AUSTIN — Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is encouraging Texans to give the gift of Texas history from the Texas General Land Office Archives. Historic map reproductions from the GLO are the perfect gift for friends and family that are proud of their Texas heritage and want to support the conservation of Texas history for future generations. With more than 45,000 maps to choose from, there is a map perfect for any person who takes pride in our great state. Historic map reproductions are priced from $20-$40.

“Texas is not just a place on a map, it’s an idea in the hearts of our people,” said Texas Land Commissioner Bush. “Our unique history sets us apart, and we are proud of it. We all know a Texan that’s fascinated by our great state’s humble beginnings. Maps from the Save Texas History collection in the GLO’s archives make a perfect gift for the history buff in your family. This year, why not give the gift of Texas history?”

Visit to find the perfect map for friends and loved ones. Select from maps of every county and major city, as well as hundreds of maps of the entire state, dating back to the Republic era, and even earlier. Online and phone orders must be placed before 5 p.m. Dec. 19th to be delivered by Christmas Day. Orders can also be placed by calling 1-800-998-4GLO (4456).

The Save Texas History Program is a unique program that brings together private and public efforts to preserve the 36 million maps and documents at the Texas General Land Office. The General Land Office raises $100,000 for map and document conservation per year through the sale of map and document reproductions, donations and grants.

“When you purchase a Texas map from the General Land Office archives, you aren’t just giving a uniquely Texan present to your favorite loved one, you are also investing in future generations of Texans,” said Commissioner Bush.

To search for maps, place orders, or make a donation to the Save Texas History Program, visit or call the Land Office toll-free at 1-800-998-4GLO.


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