Cmr. Bush announces release of 2019 Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan

Contact: Karina Erickson Press Secretary Texas General Land Office
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PRESS RELEASE — Mar 14, 2019

Today, AUSTIN — Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced the release of the 2019 Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan, which addresses natural and man-made coastal environments. This Resiliency Plan also recommends 123 projects compiled by the Texas General Land Office coastal team with input from a Technical Advisory Committee to mitigate issues that negatively impact our coastal communities.

 “It is crucial that the Texas coast is resilient for the sake of our ecosystems, communities and state” said Commissioner Bush. “The Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan offers the best protection possible as we continue to work fervently on the future of our coast. The implementation of projects detailed across the state will strengthen and enhance our coastline. It is the duty of the Texas General Land Office to ensure that our coastline remains resilient. The Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan offers concrete solutions to restore and protect the Texas coastal communities and ecosystems for generations to come.”

The Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan will allow us to focus on the protection of both coastal infrastructure and natural resources through the implementation of recommended projects. The plan consists of 123 recommended projects amongst 4 different regions of our coast to target all areas in need of better protection and restoration. The Resiliency Plan additionally incorporates the utilization of the most current storm surge and relative sea level rise models to illustrate the need and benefit of these projects into the future. The Tier 1 projects incorporated within the Resiliency Plan serve to identify the best possible projects that will provide a framework for communities and other stakeholders to guide efforts to increase resiliency measures along our coast.  The Resiliency Plan will provide direction to the Texas General Land Office in shaping our priorities in all aspects of coastal management.

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