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Contact: Karina Erickson Press Secretary Texas General Land Office
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PRESS RELEASE — Mar 13, 2019

AUSTIN — Last week, the Houston Chronicle laid out what it believes to be a story of untold government corruption and secrecy behind the Texas Permanent School Fund. However, much of this so-called “investigation” attempts to prove a thesis rather than informing the community of school funding mechanisms. As a former public high school teacher, Commissioner Bush is extremely concerned about the current state of education in this great state and takes the charge of under-funding public education personally.

Upon entering the Land Office four years ago, Commissioner Bush set out to ensure that the Land Office was run efficiently and acted as a prudent steward of taxpayer dollars. Our students deserve better than to be thrown into the middle of an ill-informed finance expose. This article fails to take into account:

The press serves to keep politicians accountable and help the public understand what is going on at the local, state, and national levels. This article is unlike the majority of articles published by the Chronicle. Instead, it reflects a journalistic style that reads more like an opinion piece, attempting to influence public opinion without proper knowledge or understanding of the issue at hand.

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