Texans can learn how to do their part in protecting their local water sources

Contact: Matt Atwood, Press Secretary - Texas General Land Office
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PRESS RELEASE — Mar 11, 2021

AUSTIN — The Texas General Land Office (GLO) in partnership with members of the Texas Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Program, launched a comprehensive, online resource for coastal communities to learn about managing and protecting water quality along the Texas coast. The Clean Coast Texas website contains state-of-the-art technical manuals and general information for local governments, builders, engineers, and homeowners with helpful links and guidance on how communities can do their part to protect their local water sources.
Resources and partnerships with Clean Coast Texas can help coastal communities reduce environmental impacts of stormwater runoff from existing and urbanizing areas, help manage flooding, and enhance wastewater treatment to support a thriving Gulf Coast economy and environment.

"Texas leads the nation in implementing proactive measures to protect our coastal communities," said 
Commissioner George P. Bush. "We have continuously created new resources for Texans, while bringing more transparency than ever before to government. The roughly 6.7 million Texans living in coastal communities can use this one-stop-shop to help sustain high water quality and protect wildlife habitats."
The GLO invites Texans to participate in a virtual “lunch and learn” event scheduled on
 March 18, 2021 from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. The event will feature a Q&A for interested participants to learn more about beach water quality, the Clean Coast Texas initiative, and to gain a greater understanding of interagency efforts to protect Texas water resources.

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