Commissioner Buckingham Encourages Texans to Utilizes GLO's Texas Beach Watch Program During the 2024 Beach Season

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PRESS RELEASE — May 21, 2024

AUSTIN — Today, Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, M.D., invites Texans to utilize the Texas General Land Office's (GLO) Texas Beach Watch resources during the 2024 Beach Season. As Texans and people from across the country head to the Texas coast for summer vacation, the GLO's Texas Beach Watch program provides weekly updates on beach water quality.

"As Land Commissioner and a Texan who lived on our coast for over a decade, I am committed to preserving and protecting Texas beaches, and a vital part of this mission is monitoring water quality for the safety of beachgoers, coastal communities, and marine habitats," said Commissioner Buckingham. "The Texas Beach Watch program is a crucial tool for Texans to use as they enjoy our beaches this summer. The program's excellent water quality monitoring helps the GLO fulfill our duty to keep Texas beaches clean and helps everyone keep up with the health of their favorite spots along the Texas coast."



 GLO staff conduct quality control site visits with Texas Beach Watch field staff in Nueces County


Visit to view the water quality data for 172 sites along the Texas coast, or sign up to receive weekly emails with water quality updates for your favorite beach.

The Texas Beach Watch network observes water quality data and reports information to beachgoers, agencies, and researchers. The program tests for Enterococcus bacteria, which indicates the presence of disease-causing organisms. Enterococcus bacteria originates from animals with hair, fur, or feathers. This bacteria is a natural part of coastal ecosystems, but can also be correlated with rainfall and stormwater runoff.


GLO staff conduct quality control site visits with Texas Beach Watch field staff in Nueces County

A water quality advisory is issued when observed bacteria levels in the water indicate possible increased risks of illness. The GLO does not close beaches when a water quality advisory is in effect. In 2023, Texas Beach Watch collected 7,267 samples. Last year, 238 beach advisories, representing just 3.2% of all samples, were posted for the entire Texas coast.

Texas Beach Watch encourages all beachgoers to respect our beautiful beaches by picking up after pets, throwing trash into receptacles, and doing their part to keep Texas coasts clean.


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