Voices of Veterans: MSgt. Dan Abrams Shares His Story of Service During WWII

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PRESS RELEASE — May 31, 2024

AUSTIN — Today, Texas Land Commissioner and Veterans Land Board (VLB) Chairwoman Dawn Buckingham, M.D., is proud to introduce the next installment of the series highlighting the VLB's Voices of Veterans oral history program. In this episode, we hear the story of U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Dan Abrams.

Born and raised in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl, Mr. Abrams enlisted in the Marine Corps in September 1941 after moving to Kansas City to work odd jobs to make ends meet. Abrams said it was a chance encounter with a Marine who was on leave that led him to sign up and join the service.

"This Marine drove up there one evening and he had that red stripe down those blue pants and a khaki shirt and a seagoing, dipping white hat and the next thing I know that’s what I wanted to be right then," Abrams said while recalling a night out with friends in Missouri.


Dan Abrams Marine Corps Profile


Mr. Abrams shared many stories but one he remembers the most was an air battle that saw Lt. James E. Swett shoot down seven enemy planes in just 15 minutes over Guadalcanal as the enemy came in to take them out.

"The sky was just full, it looked like a bunch of flies, I don't know how many, there must've been 100 or more planes in the air right then," Abrams recalled of the battle as a whole. "It seemed like they got about 40 of them that day if I'm not mistaken but there must've been 120 or 130 altogether up there."


Dan  Abrams Marine Corps Photo


Mr. Abrams said there's nothing about his military service he'd ever want to forget.

"I enjoyed my service, I really did, and I wished I'd have stayed in," he admitted. "Every time I see a Marine, it's Semper Fi, you know? We always have to stop and shoot the breeze regardless of whether a Private or Gunnery Sergeant, Major, or what have you."

To listen to Mr. Abrams tell his story, click the button below.

MSgt. Dan Abrams Story

 Dan Abrams Marine Corps Plane


Veterans can email VoicesofVeterans@glo.texas.gov to tell their stories. Please note that the Veteran must be a resident of Texas at the time of their interview.

Voices of Veterans is a state agency's first Veteran oral history program. It records the stories of Texas Veterans through their time in service and after returning home from combat.

The VLB records interviews with veterans over the phone or in person. Their interviews are then permanently archived in the Office of Veterans Records at the GLO, where they join the historical documents of other Texas heroes such as Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and William Barret Travis.

Veterans' interviews are also available to researchers, historians, genealogists, and the public. These precious records inspire future generations and remind us of our Veterans' sacrifices.

To listen to the over 500 archived stories of Veterans documented through the GLO's Voices of Veterans oral history program, click the Voices of Veterans button below.

Voices of Veterans

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