19th Edition - Oil Spill Toolkit
Oil Spill Planning & Response

Acknowledgements Page

The GLO would like to thank the following indivduals and entities for the compilation of the Toolkit.


Special recognition is given to all official and unofficial participants who assisted in the creation of the Texas Area Contingency Plans since 1992.  In addition, special recognition is given to NOAA for the production of the original Upper Coast Response Atlas CD-ROM which has been incorporated into this product.



Alex Sanders

Jeff Perkins

Mark Conway

Jimmy Martinez

Robert Brennan

Daniel Gao

Scot Friedman

GIS Interns:

Amanda Rompala

Prachi Patel

Samuel Limerick

Leonard Blumberg


GLO/Oil Spill Staff

Steven G. Buschang

Craig Kartye

Brent Koza

Gonzalo Pena

Johnny Darcey

Daniel Davis

John Koch



John Tarpley

Ed Levine

Paige Doelling

Adam Davis


USCG Planners

Sector Corpus Christi

Senior Chief Nancy Cisneros


Sector Houston-Galveston

Mr. Patrick Cuty


MSU Port Arthur

ENS Leanna Marlin


MSU Morgan City

Mr. Brian Black


Sector New Orleans

Ms. April Tribeck


Sector Mobile

LTJG Daniel Dunn