Relinquishment Act Leasing (RAL) 

The surface owner of Relinquishment Act Lands acts as agent for the state for leasing purposes. Bonus, rentals, and royalties are split between the state and the surface owner. The GLO must review and approve the terms and consideration offered. The leases are not effective until approved and filed in the GLO.

Sealed Bid Sales 

Certain Permanent School Fund Lands, such as rivers, bays, Gulf of Mexico, upland state fee tracts, and other agency lands, such as Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Department of Criminal Justice, require leasing through a sealed bid sale. Available tracts may be nominated by contacting the GLO. Sales are held periodically. 

Resource Management Codes

Resource Management Codes are assigned to state-owned tracts in Texas bays and the Gulf of Mexico, providing development guidelines for activities within each tract. The codes enhance protection of sensitive natural resources by providing recommendations for minimizing adverse impacts from mineral exploration and development activities. These codes include recommendations from the following external resources: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Historical Commission, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps).Guidelines for Resource Management Codes 

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State Free Royalty NPRI

A state Free Royalty interest is similar to a non-participating royalty interest. An oil, gas, or other mineral lease on land in which the state reserves a mineral or royalty interest is not effective until a certified copy of the recorded lease is filed in the General Land Office. Any pooling or communitization of the state's Free Royalty interest requires School Land Board approval.

Highway Right-of-Way Leasing (HROW)


Please be advised that effective September 1, 2017, the leasing of county roads is subject to H.B.2521, 84th Leg. (T.N.R.C. §32.201(j)). Leases for county roads entered into on or after September 1, 2017, will require that any payment under the lease be made directly to the county (this does not include various application, processing, or administrative fees that will still be made to the GLO). In the upcoming months, new leasing procedures and a new lease form specifically for county roads will be posted under HROW Leasing-County Roads.

A (HROW) tract may be leased when the state owns the minerals located under the tract. 

Unleased Highway Right-of-Way (Pooling)

An Unleased Highway Right-of-Way may be pooled pursuant to Section 32.207 of the Texas Natural Resources Code and with School Land Board approval (See Pooling).

Unleased Rivers (Pooling)

Riverbeds and channels that belong to the state may be pooled pursuant to Section 52.076 of the Texas Natural Resources Code and with School Land Board approval (See Pooling).