Filing Well Records

Regulatory well records such as drilling permits, well logs, and completion packages are required to be filed with the GLO pursuant to the terms of GLO oil and gas leases. 

Any proprietary information such as daily drilling reports should be clearly labeled as confidential and shall be kept confidential as required by law. Well logs follow Railroad Commission confidentiality requirements. 

Filing Assignments 

Certified copies of assignments of State Oil and Gas Leases must be filed with the GLO within 90 days of execution along with an Assignment Summary Form identifying each state lease by its mineral file number, and the related filing fee. 

Shut-In Royalties 

When a well that is capable of producing oil or gas in paying quantities is not being produced for lack of suitable production facilities or lack of a suitable market, a shut-in payment and the required shut-in affidavit may be submitted for review and approval by the GLO.

Delay Rentals 

Delay Rentals must be received in the GLO on or before the anniversary date of the lease to maintain the lease. If the payor of the Delay Rental would like documentation of payment, please provide a receipt of payment to be signed along with a return address/stamped envelope.

Division Orders

For any well in which the state owns an interest, including a free royalty interest, a division order showing all ownership in such well is due at the GLO within 60 days of obtaining initial production from any such well. Subsequent division orders are due thereafter, within 30 days of any change in any ownership interest. Note:  GLO employees are not authorized to execute division orders on behalf of the state. GLO employee's acts, errors, or omissions in handling a division order cannot bind the state to any terms contained within it.