Tex. Nat. Res. Code Ann. § 52.131 (c) (1) requires that all production/royalty reports be accompanied by an affidavit by the owner, manager or other authorized agent.

The Blanket Authorization Production Royalty Reports Affidavit (Form GLO-RA 005 Revised 11-01-1999) assigns each company a Blanket Authorization Number (BAN) and is completed before a notary and returned to this office. You'll need to become a customer of the General Land Office in order to be issued a BAN number.

Reporting companies will NOT be able to submit  GLO1, GLO2 and GLO3 production/royalty reports, unless this notarized affidavit and an Electronic Reporting Agreement are on file with the General Land Office.

Go to Forms & Other Helpful Information and fill out the Customer Account Request Form. A member of the RRAC Team will be in contact to complete the setup process.