Notice: GLO3 reports can now be submitted for more than $10 million.


~ You can export your full reporting history with all fields submitted using the Reporting History/Search Reports tabs.
~ When updating Reporting Controls, you can send messages to RRAC Team members.
~ You can download your invoices in the Reports & Invoices tab along with managing your email accounts.
~ Reporting Controls can be transferred between companies when assets are sold. Please contact for more details.
~ Don't forget to update your Reporting Controls when permits are issued an RRC# by the Railroad Commission. 

For more details on functionality please view the tutorials below.

RRAC Due Date Calendar

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The Royalty Reporting and Control
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The TEST Royalty Reporting
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All necessary documents must be submitted to the GLO at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the applicable royalty reporting and payment deadlines, unless otherwise noted in the lease. Documents include the final, “as-drilled” plats with productive lateral lengths from FTP to LTP, and lateral lengths on State leases and/or units for sharing wells. Failure to provide documentation, reports, and payments prior to the deadline will subject you to penalties and interest.

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