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The General Land Office is on a telework schedule during the Governor’s COVID-19 disaster declaration. We are functioning at full capacity. Staff will be checking voicemail and email (glo123@glo.texas.gov) regularly.

All necessary documents must be submitted to the GLO at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the applicable royalty reporting and payment deadlines, unless otherwise noted in the lease. Documents include the final, “as-drilled” plats with productive lateral lengths from FTP to LTP, and lateral lengths on State leases and/or units for sharing wells. Failure to provide documentation, reports, and payments prior to the deadline will subject you to penalties and interest.


As of August 22, 2020, the following updates were made to the RRAC system:

  • The Royalty Reporting and Control (RRAC) team implemented a new comment feature to the RRAC system which will provide efficient communication between reporting companies and GLO staff on pending report control record adds, deletes and updates. To get the most out of the new comment feature, the following changes were made:
    1. A notification icon was added on the Reporting Controls tab to display the number of unread comments. This number will update in real time as you read comments.
    2. A column was added on the Reporting Controls table between Property Alias and GLO Lease # to indicate if you have a comment from GLO staff.
      1. Unread comments are indicated with a speech bubble icon with a dark outline.
      2. Read comments are indicated with a speech bubble icon with a light outline.
      3. A blank cell means there are no comments.
    3. The Customer Comment field on the Update Reporting Control window was renamed to just Comments. The Comments field will have all the comments between the GLO staff and you on a pending request. Once the request is approved, the comments will move to the History section of the Report Control Record.
    4. A new default sort for the Report Controls tab was created that sorts first by comment status (unread comments, read comments, no comments) then by the type of pending request (Pending Add, Pending Delete, Pending Update). Reporting controls with no pending requests will be at the end.
    5. A new field was created for adding or updating a reporting control. The Other Comments field is optional when you create a reporting control. The Additional Comments field is required when you edit a reporting control. You must make an edit to the reporting control before you can add a comment in the Additional Comments field.
  • Please watch the Pending Request Comments Tutorial for a detailed walkthrough of the new features.
For more details on functionality, please view the Pending Request Comments Tutorial video, the Reporting History Tutorial video, and/or the RRAC User Guide using the blue buttons below.

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