The plan to protect the Texas coast reaches milestone

November 07, 2018The Texas coast is still at risk. More than a year after Hurricane Harvey wreaked damage from Corpus Christi to the edge of Louisiana, we remain largely unprotected from the potentially catastrophic impact of storm surge. Harvey caused more than $100 billion in estimated damage to property and infrastructure, making it the most expensive storm in Texas history. My office took lead on getting Texans back into their homes and communities after the storm, and we continue with our part in rebuilding...more


Protecting The Texas Coast Must Be A Priority

June 01, 2017Nearly a decade after Hurricanes Ike and Dolly, our coast remains largely unprotected. We are just as vulnerable to a major storm today as we were in 2008 - and that's bad news. Modeling from the Rice SSPEED Center shows that had Ike not changed course at the last minute, more than 4,000 petrochemical tanks would have been inundated. The loss of life and economic damages would have been exponentially greater. I don't say this to alarm you. I say it to explain why we have such a sense of urgency ...more


Working Together for a Brighter Future for the Alamo

October 15, 2015This week, the City of San Antonio, the Texas General Land Office and the nonprofit Alamo Endowment will enter into a Cooperative Agreement to develop a joint master plan for the Alamo Historic District and Alamo Complex. By joining forces, our organizations now begin a redevelopment of Texas’ most beloved historic site, the Cradle of Texas Liberty so that, for the first time, visitors will see a complete historic interpretation of The Alamo from the time of its inception in the 170...more

Red Letter Response

September 14, 2015...more

Letter To The Editors Of The Houston Chronicle Regarding Inaccurate Report

September 13, 2015The Texas General Land Office submitted the following to the editor of the Houston Chronicle on Sunday, September 13, 2015: Dear Editor-- Brian Rosenthal is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts. In his September 12th story on Commissioner Bush, he incorrectly alleges that "records show" that the Commissioner was "out of state or otherwise off of work" nearly half the time since his father entered the presidential race. What the records really show is the exact opposite: out of 6...more

Texans working together for the Alamo's future

March 25, 2015No symbol defines Texas more than the Alamo.  Everyone knows that in 1836, a small band of defenders fought to the death rather than surrender. This is true. But the story of the Alamo is bigger than that. It's the story of the triumph of freedom over tyranny.  It's the story of Tejanos joining Texians to save Texas.  It's the story of courage and the price of freedom...more