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The Texas General Land Office is able to maximize state funding for coastal projects by seeking matching funds from local and federal partners.

The Land Office has already secured more than five times the $25 million appropriated by the state Legislature for upcoming coastal projects, for a total of $135.4 million. The job of protecting our coast is one that requires commitment at all levels, from local governments and private organizations, all the way up to the federal government.

Grant Projects Listing Website

The Texas General Land Office has created a user-friendly, searchable website dedicated to grant projects so you can find information about the many projects receiving funding along the Texas coast. You can search by primary funding source or choose from many filtering options.

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Coastal Erosion Planning and Response Act (CEPRA)

Since 2000, the Texas General Land Office’s Coastal Erosion Planning and Response Program has received more than $62 million in state funding and more than $62 million in matching funds, completing more than 200 coastal erosion projects and studies.  The application process for non-emergency project funding requests opens every even year in February and closes in early July of that same year.

Coastal Management Program (CMP)

Managed by the Land Office, the CMP awards about $2.2 million annually in grants. Its goal is to ensure the long-term environmental and economic health of the Texas coast. Each year in April the application process for projects begins, closing in September of the same year.

Beach Maintenance Reimbursement Fund (BMR)

The Beach Maintenance Reimbursement Fund Program administered by the Land Office allocates approximately $750,000 per year to help communities keep their beaches maintained. That's about $8.5 million over the last 10 years. Applications are distributed to eligible participants in early fall and are due within a specified amount of time, no less than 30 days. Contracts are renewable annually.