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Special Board of Review


The Special Board of Review (Board) is a governmental body whose members may convene to consider various aspects related to the development of real property belonging to the State of Texas, to the Permanent School Fund or to any of the dedicated funds of the State. In these instances, the Special Board of Review is responsible for facilitating development which conserves and enhances the value of state property, taking into consideration the preservation of the health, safety and general welfare of the communities in which the real property is situated.

Members of the Board represent the State of Texas as well as affected local governments, and may include the Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, the members of the School Land Board, the Chairwoman of the state agency possessing the property, the county judge and mayor of the municipality where the land is located, as applicable.

Board hearings shall be open to the public in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code, Chapter 551, §§ 551.001 et seq. Hearings are not considered contested case proceedings under Chapter 2001, Government Code and shall not be subject to appeal thereunder.

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Stephen F. Austin Bldg Room 170
1700 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701