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Funding Opportunity

Request for Applications — Research, Testing, and Development of Oil Discharge Prevention and Response Technology, Training, and Community Outreach

The Oil Spill Prevention and Response Division is pleased to support the development of oil spill science through Research and Development funding. Every two years, the program requests applications to advance the development of

  • Oil spill prevention technologies
  • Spill response tools
  • Spill response training
  • Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation operations
  • Strategies to protect natural resources
  • Computer models to predict the movements and impacts of unauthorized discharges of oil

Funding for the 2024-2025 cycle has been allocated. A Request for Applications for the 2026 – 2027 cycle will be available in February of 2025. Please read the 2024-2025 funding cycle Request for Applications for guidance and check back in October of 2024 for updates regarding the 2026-2027 cycle.

Contact Brent Koza for additional information. 

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