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Coastal Coordination Advisory Committee


Established in 1991 by the 72nd Legislature the Coastal Coordination Council, comprised of members from state natural resource agencies, was responsible for administering the Coastal Management Program (CMP).

The Council underwent review by the Texas Sunset Commission in 2010. After a thorough review of the CMP, the Commission recommended the abolition of the Council and transferring administration of the Coastal Management Program to the Land Commissioner.

In response to the Commission’s review, the 82nd Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law a bill implementing the Commission’s recommendation to abolish the Council and transfer duties to the Land Commissioner.

The bill also required the Land Commissioner to establish a Coastal Coordination Advisory Committee (CCAC) by January 1, 2012.

The Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives appointed by the eight state natural resource agencies and from public members appointed by the Land Commissioner. The terms of office for the CCAC members will align with the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) Section 309 five-year assessment of the CMP, with a shorter initial term (2011-2015). Meetings will be held as needed. Rules and guidelines are currently being developed.

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To Be Announced


  • Melissa Porter, Chair, Deputy Director of Coastal Resources, Texas General Land Office
  • Vacant, Local Government Representative
  • Rob Ziehr, Agriculture Representative
  • Vacant, Local Business Representative
  • Vacant, Local Citizen Representative
  • Brian Koch, Regional Watershed Coordinator, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board
  • Leslie Savage, Chief Geologist, Railroad Commission of Texas
  • Carla Guthrie, Ph.D., Director of Surface Water Resources, Texas Water Development Board
  • Pamela Plotkin, Director, Texas Sea Grant College Program
  • Robin Riechers, Director of Coastal Fisheries, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
  • Doug Booher, Director of Environmental Affairs Division, Texas Department of Transportation
  • Steven Schar, Chief of Staff, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality