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Grant Projects Listing Website

The Texas General Land Office has created a user-friendly, searchable website dedicated to grant projects so you can find information about the many projects receiving funding along the Texas coast. You can search by primary funding source or choose from many filtering options.

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Texas Coastal Management Program Grant Application

The Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office is soliciting applications for projects that address environmental concerns within the coastal zone and promote sustainable economic development. Texas Coastal Management Program (CMP) Cycle 26 involves a competitive pre-proposal process followed by an invitation-only final application submission.

Important Submittal Dates


Application Materials

Texas Coastal Management Program Cycle 26 Workshop 2020

CMP Financial Webinar 2018

Coastal Erosion Planning Response Act (CEPRA)

Applications considered for funding include studies and projects intended to address habitat restoration, coastal erosion, mitigate the effect of coastal erosion, or maintain or enhance beach stability or width.


The Texas General Land Office oversees the administration and distribution of GOMESA funds to support projects that meet GOMESA authorized uses, Coastal Management Program (CMP) or Coastal Erosion Planning and Response Act (CEPRA) Program goals and objectives, and priorities identified in the Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan.