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Texas Coastal Management Program Grant Application

The Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office is soliciting applications for projects that address environmental concerns and promote economic development within the Texas coastal zone. The Coastal Management Program (CMP) Grant Cycle 29 involves a competitive pre-proposal process followed by an invitation-only final application for those applying for traditional, NOAA-funded CMP projects. Final applications for CMP Projects of Special Merit (PSM), which will be entirely funded with Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Action (GOMESA) funds, are also being accepted.


Important Submittal Dates

The CMP and CEPRA application portal will begin accepting applications on March 1, 2023. 

Pre-proposals must be received electronically by 5:00 p.m. on June 7, 2023.
Submission of a pre-proposal is REQUIRED for all applications proposing a NOAA-funded CMP project.

Full, final applications for CMP Projects of Special Merit are also due electronically by 5:00 p.m. on June 7, 2023.  

If selected, applicants for NOAA-funded CMP projects will receive an invitation to submit a final application in August 2023.

By invitation-only, final applications for NOAA-funded CMP projects are due October 4, 2023. 

Application Materials


This portal must be used to apply for all CMP and CEPRA projects. This portal includes the CEPRA application, CMP pre-proposal application, Project of Special final application, and CMP final application. Applications must be completed in their entirety to be considered for funding.

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CEPRA Application

Coastal Management Program Application

CMP Financial Webinar 2018

Coastal Erosion Planning Response Act (CEPRA)

Applications considered for funding include studies and projects intended to address habitat restoration, coastal erosion, mitigate the effect of coastal erosion, or maintain or enhance beach stability or width.

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Cycle 12



The Texas General Land Office oversees the administration and distribution of GOMESA funds to support projects that meet GOMESA authorized uses, Coastal Management Program (CMP) or Coastal Erosion Planning and Response Act (CEPRA) Program goals and objectives, and priorities identified in the Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan.