Texas Defense Task Force
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Texas Defense Task Force

Texas Defense Task ForceThe Texas Defense Task Force was established by Commissioner George P. Bush to identify federal overreach and fend off threats to the Texas oil and gas economy, following Governor Abbott's executive order for state agencies to prepare to protect Texas' energy industry in the years ahead.

The Task Force will ensure that Texas energy is preserved for generations to come by legally defending the state's invaluable energy resources both here at home and in the courthouse.

PRESS RELEASE - JULY 14, 2021: Commissioner Bush Launches Suit Against Biden Administration to Build the Wall

Message from the Commissioner:

Texas' oil and gas economy is the backbone of our great state. Not only does the energy industry power our homes and businesses, but it also serves as a critical job creator and makes our state such a desirable place to live. The jobs and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Texas families must and will be guarded through every legal action taken. President Biden's actions against the oil and gas industry will produce a 'chilling effect' against energy workers. That's why I'm drawing a line in the sand, fighting the crippling effects of federal overreach in the Biden Administration's first weeks. This task force will work tirelessly fending off threats to the Texas energy industry through every legal means possible.

As the state's oldest agency, the General Land Office has a constitutional duty to protect and uphold Texas's public and mineral-rich lands. I have always prioritized this duty, and I am prepared to lead a crucial fight for the Texas way of life. This mission cannot be fulfilled alone. Our agency is also working alongside private entities to provide justice and accountability where the Biden Administration's policies directly and negatively impact Texas.

The energy economy is fundamental to Texans' independent way of life and is critical to our state's success. We will not stand idly by and watch Washington strip away our livelihoods. We must unite now more than ever to protect Texas' natural resources and fight for freedom against federal government outreach.