Texas Land Cmr. George P. Bush's statement regarding U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO

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STATEMENT — Oct 12, 2017

AUSTIN — AUSTIN - Today Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush released the following statement regarding the announcement that the United States will withdraw its membership to the United Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO):

"I join Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in praising President Trump's strong show of support for Israel. America has no better ally and no truer friend in the world than Israel and today's decision says loud and clear that the UN badly needs reform."

In response to inquiries as to how the withdrawal will affect the Alamo:

"I said it two years ago and I'll say it again: The UN will never have any role or influence at the Alamo as long as I am its guardian. I am fully committed to reinforce the story of 1836 and restore reverence to the Cradle of Texas Liberty."

In August of 2016, Commissioner Bush traveled to Israel, to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders to discuss possible Texas-Israel partnerships on issues including technology and desalinization. You can read more about the trip in Cmr. Bush's editorial - Texas and Israel: 21st Century Strategic and Economic Alliance.

This is not the first time the U.S. has chosen to withdraw its membership in UNESCO. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan withheld its mandatory fees and withdrew its membership from UNESCO in protest of increasing politicization within the organization. Additional member states have withdrawn in the past citing similar dissatisfactions with the organization.



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