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PRESS RELEASE — Dec 13, 2019

AUSTIN — Today, the Texas General Land Office (GLO) and the Alamo Mission Archaeological Advisory Committee released statements following the identification of three burials during archeological exploration of the Monks Burial Room and Nave of the Alamo Church.
The purpose of archeology inside and around the Alamo Church and Long Barrack is to install moisture monitoring equipment as well as locate and document the foundations of the 300 year old structures. Monitoring equipment will allow experts to understand what elements are impacting the sole remaining structures from the Battle of the Alamo and to develop a restoration plan that ensures these buildings remain standing for future generations of Texans to learn from and enjoy.
The remains encountered appear to be indicative of a teenage or young adult, infant, and large adult. Upon discovery of the remains, the long-established human remains protocol was activated, the on-site tribal monitor was notified, and excavation of the particular site was halted. As we move forward, the GLO and Alamo Trust, Inc. will continue to follow all applicable laws and procedures.

According to the Alamo Mission Archaeological Advisory Committee, "The Committee was promptly notified following the discovery of the remains and has been fully briefed by Alamo Archeologist Kristi Nichols. It is important for all applicable laws to be followed and the Alamo project team is doing just that."

Previously, remains were identified in 1995, remains were found in the main portion of the Church, along the south transept and inside the Monks Burial room in 1989. Further, in 1937, a plaque was placed inside the Church indicating the reinternment of remains. The GLO will be filing the necessary paperwork to move forward with verifying the locations of the interior of the church as a cemetery. 

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