Texas GLO's Don't Ignore Campaign Wins Lone Star EMMY®

Multi-award winning campaign commercial wins highly prestigious award

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PRESS RELEASE — Nov 14, 2022

AUSTIN — The Texas General Land Office (GLO), in collaboration with 1820 Productions and Proscalar, created an incredibly captivating commercial to promote flood insurance among Texas homeowners and renters. The Don’t Ignore public service announcement was filmed over a series of four days in a 30,000 gallon tank in Central Texas. The shoot took more than 1,460 hours, 50 crew and a lot of specialized equipment to complete. On Saturday night, the flagship of the shoot, a 30 second advertisement won a Lone Star EMMY® for the Public Service Announcement category. 

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"The Texas General Land Office is proud to receive this extraordinary recognition of a Lone Star Emmy for its efforts to help Texans and all Americans recognize the risk of not protecting their homes with flood insurance," said Commissioner George P. Bush. "Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters to cause damage to homes. The Texas GLO is proud of its efforts to help homeowners understand the importance of protecting their most valuable asset - your home." 

The GLO is charged with administering disaster recovery and mitigation funds for the state of Texas. The GLO’s public relations team engaged 1820 Productions to help create a compelling ad to encourage homeowners and renters to purchase a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) backed flood insurance plan to protect their investments. Typical homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding from natural disasters. While government programs might be able to help you rebuild, only flood insurance can replace your home and belongings.

The Don’t Ignore advertising campaign was used to promote flood insurance to millions of Texans. The video has already garnered 27 marketing and advertising industry awards. The Lone Star EMMY® award is the latest accolade for a public service announcement developed to grab the attention of homeowners and renters, and urge them to learn more about a flood insurance plan to protect their family and the lives they have built. Watch the "Behind the Scenes" video to learn about the challenging work needed to create the Emmy award winning Don't Ignore campaign.

For more information on how to be better prepared for disasters, please visit recovery.texas.gov/preparedness.

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