City of Killeen Enters into Contract with Veterans Land Board Over Daily Operations of Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery

Veterans Land Board Retains Ownership of the Cemetery

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PRESS RELEASE — Dec 21, 2023

AUSTIN — Today, Texas Land Commissioner and Veterans Land Board (VLB) Chairwoman Dawn Buckingham, M.D. announced that the Killeen City Council voted 6-0 for the City of Killeen to enter into a contractual agreement with the VLB regarding daily operations of the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. The VLB still owns and oversees the cemetery and will provide the city with the funding for all salaries, employee benefits, and daily operating supplies. The same National Cemetery Administration (NCA) standards that apply to all four Texas State Veterans Cemeteries will remain in place.

"Providing the highest quality of care and service to our Veterans and their families during times of loss and grief is one of my top priorities as VLB Chairwoman as well as an American and Texan," said Commissioner Buckingham. "Working together, the City of Killeen, the VLB and the GLO will be able to support the needs of Texas Veterans, their families and the incredible cemetery staff whose hard work keep our Texas State Veteran Cemeteries pristine."

Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen
Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Killeen


The temporary staff at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery will now be City of Killeen employees with full benefits. This will allow the VLB's invaluable staff to not simply have jobs with salaries, but careers with upward progression potential.

The VLB has found that paying city employee salaries, benefits, daily operating supplies, and indirect costs saves 30% over using Temp agency personnel at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery. The VLB has similar arrangements with Abilene, Corpus Christi and Mission and plans to have an interlocal agreement in place with Lubbock when that cemetery opens. 

With this arrangement, the City of Killeen has become a member of an exclusive group of cities and counties that support our Veterans and their families during one of the most difficult times of their lives. By creating this working agreement, VLB cemeteries experience increased community engagement and attendance at ceremonies and events.

The VLB is extremely proud of its employees and award-winning cemetery. Recently, the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery received a 99.03% customer satisfaction score and a national Operational Excellence award during a recent Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) inspection.

This incredible accomplishment would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the cemetery staff, and the VLB will continue to champion their expanding careers. Together, the VLB and the City of Killeen will continue to uphold the highest VA standards as we serve our Veterans and their families.

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