Commissioner Dawn Buckingham Condemns Alleged Misuse of Government Resources by Houston Housing and Community Development Department

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PRESS RELEASE — Feb 05, 2024

AUSTIN — Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, M.D., released the following statement in response to allegations in a KHOU news report of improper dispensation of computer equipment by the Housing and Community Development Department:

"As story after story breaks regarding corruption and cover-ups within the Housing and Community Development Department under Mayor Turner's leadership, it has become apparent how entrenched this issue has become in Houston in the past. For years, my disaster recovery team has offered training on following federal and state regulations and delivering effective housing assistance the right way. In fact, I met with Mayor Turner last year and offered him this very assistance."

"Under this new administration, thankfully, this level of greed and incompetence is no longer the status quo. My former colleague, Mayor John Whitmire, and I share the same goal to serve those we are supposed to serve and do it well. No shortcuts, no grift, no self-service. We will continue together to push through bureaucracy, complacency, and incompetence to prevent problems like these from happening in the future. Together, we will do the right thing to help make Houston safer and more resilient."

The Texas General Land Office will immediately investigate whether the computer equipment disposed of improperly by the Houston Housing and Community Development Department was purchased using federal disaster recovery grant funds and pursue all appropriate compliance actions necessary in response. All allegations of waste, fraud, and abuse are reported to the proper authorities in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Individuals can anonymously report suspected fraud, waste or abuse involving disaster recovery funds by calling 1-888-GLO-FWOA or 1-888-456-3962. If you wish to provide supporting documentation, please send the information to the email address along with your name, phone number, and email. Additionally, you can send information to PO Box 12873 Austin, TX 78711-2873.

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