Commissioner Buckingham Announces New Installment of VLB Continued Service Series

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PRESS RELEASE — Mar 28, 2024

AUSTIN — Today, Texas Land Commissioner and Veterans Land Board (VLB) Chairwoman Dawn Buckingham, M.D. announced the next installment of the VLB "Continued Service Series" featuring U.S. Air Force Veteran and State Representative Josey Garcia.

The Texas General Land Office (GLO) and the VLB started this initiative to highlight members of the Texas Legislature who are Veterans of the Armed Forces. Through detailed interviews, the GLO and VLB are helping Veterans share the incredible stories of their military careers, how the Texas Legislature is working to support our Veterans, advice for fellow Veterans, and much more.

"As VLB Chairwoman and the first female Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, it is my honor to highlight the service and achievements of all of our Veterans, including our brave female Veterans who strive to uphold the impeccable standards of the U.S. military," said Commissioner Buckingham. "It is especially fitting that, during Woman's History Month, the VLB shares the story of U.S. Air Force Veteran and State Representative Josey Garcia, the first female, active-duty Veteran to join the Texas House. The VLB's Continued Service Series is a vital tool in our mission to uplift Veterans and their invaluable work."

During her interview, Representative Garcia discussed what advice she would give to young men and women in uniform. "When you get out, and you've lost all sense of purpose, dive head first into politics," said Representative Garcia. "You don't have to be from a political world. You don't have to have all these accolades. You served. That experience is invaluable. Get involved. You're worth it. We need you. This is a call to action."

Watch Representative Garcia's interview by clicking the image below:


U.S. Air Force Veteran and State Representative Josey Garcia
U.S. Air Force Veteran and State Representative Josey Garcia


Newly elected State Representative Josey Garcia represents West San Antonio’s House District 124. She is the first female, active duty Veteran to join the Texas House.

Representative Garcia grew up in the foster care system, moving between families, and by high school had attended 13 different schools. When she turned 16, she secured her place in the U.S. Air Force by signing up for the Delay Enlistment Program. Representative Garcia served in several deployments overseas, including Cameroon, Africa, and Iraq, where she served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. She retired from service after 20 years in the military.


Josey Garcia Quote: I was surprised and shocked to be the only Woman Veteran to serve in the House. We need more of us.
U.S. Air Force Veteran and State Representative Josey Garcia


After her retirement in 2014, Representative Garcia remained dedicated to serving her community, inspired by her military career and years in the foster care system. She is an unwavering advocate for the San Antonio community. In 2020, she co-founded Uniting America Outreach. This nonprofit delivers food and supplies to the people who need them most. In 2021, when Winter Storm Uri struck Texas, Uniting America Outreach delivered over 9,000 meals to vulnerable Texans in San Antonio. 

She has a large, blended family with her husband Ramon, a Purple Heart Medal recipient and Veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, and Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. Representative Garcia will continue to support our Veterans, children impacted by the foster care industry, retirees, and working families in Texas.


Josey Garcia Quote: When I retired from the military after my tour from Iraq, I lost my sense of purpose. Not being Sgt. Garcia in uniform anymore was a traumatic culture shock that I don't think any of us are prepared for, and that transition was very dark for me.
U.S. Air Force Veteran and State Representative Josey Garcia


The "Continued Service Series" is a separate initiative from the VLB's Voices of Veterans program. Any Veteran interested in including his or her story in the Voices of Veterans oral history program should contact the VLB at 512-475-1248.

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